New Scholar Information

Congratulations on being selected a Robert Wood Johnson New Careers in Nursing scholar! We are delighted to work with you and have created a pre-entry program that will help make your nursing school experience a positive one.

The Pre-Entry Immersion Program (PIP) was designed to help you, an accelerated nursing student, become better prepared for your new degree program as well as providing you mentoring opportunities and platforms to become nursing leaders.

Resources will be provided to you each step of the way to ensure your successful progression through your nursing program. They are listed below.

Test Success

One of the first resources you’ll receive as a RWJF scholar is Test Success: Test Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students. This study manual provides test-taking tips, teaches critical thinking, describes how to manage your time, and provides a slew of other resources that will guide you to acing all of your exams!

You should receive this book from your nursing school liaison upon your entry into your nursing program. If you haven’t received it, please be sure to ask them for your copy.


lassi coverThe Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) is an on-line assessment that will help you learn what your specific study strategies and habits are. Based on your answers, the assessment compiles what you excel at in terms of study practices, and what areas you will need to improve on.

To complete this assessment, please go to the LASSI page and enter the unique username and password that you should have received from your nursing school liaison. If you have not received this information, please make sure to ask them for it.

Leadership and Mentoring

Rush studetnsTwo of the most critical components of the PIP program are leadership and mentoring. It is our aim to help you become a leader in the field of nursing so that you can successfully progress to receiving an advanced degree in the field, as well as becoming nursing administrators and nursing faculty.

Throughout your time as a scholarship recipient, you will be attending different leadership events at your school of nursing as well as embarking on mentoring relationships. All of these activities are detailed in two specific toolkits; the Leadership Toolkit and the Mentoring Toolkit. You can find these resources on this website to gain a better understanding of how leadership and mentoring will play a significant part of your nursing career.

We hope you enjoy these resources and know that you will be able to use each one of them to better help your progression through nursing school.

Additional Information

Nebraska methodist scholarsPlease remember that you must complete your entry survey at your earliest convenience.

Also, our “I Believe This About Nursing…” essay contest is a great avenue for you to let other nursing students and the world know why you want to be a nurse. Write and submit an essay today! You also can submit a video essay! Simply make a video reading aloud your essay and send it to us at the National Program Office. Once received, we will post them on our website, Facebook page, and play them for the nursing community at our national conferences. We can't wait to see your submissions!